Big Kahuna
Make some noise for Big Kahuna

Make some noise for Big Kahuna

Make some noise for Big Kahuna

Big Buoy’s sound specialists rebrand audio studio as Big Kahuna

With an extensive portfolio developed over the past six years, you’ll have undoubtedly heard Big Kahuna’s work across a multitude of media outlets. From TV, to cinema, to radio, digital and social, Big Kahuna’s highly dedicated team of supremely talented, versatile sound engineers have been working hard and quietly plugging away, kind of under the radar, just doing their thing.

Until now. Big Kahuna relaunches tomorrow, headed up by Scott Little, Jenny Standish and Colin Sumsion.

Now, let’s get this out of the way, bypassing all slang versions we might think we know, courtesy of Urban Dictionary. ‘Big Kahuna’ actually goes back to its original Hawaiian roots, meaning ‘one who practices an art or profession with mastery’ or, to put it bluntly, ‘a very big-assed wave’.

Left to right: Scott Little, Jenny Standish and Colin Sumsion

Big Kahuna is a daughter company of award-winning post-production house, Big Buoy, of which they previously shared a name. Exclusively running Pro Tools on the AVID S6 console, the studios and team boast a comprehensive list of capabilities including sound design, music composition, voice, ADR, foley, and location recording, 5.1 Digital Cinema mixing, and foreign broadcast versioning.

They list Nike, Heineken and Rolls Royce among their expansive client list and have collaborated with world-renowned agencies such as Havas, DDB and Sky.

But, being an in-house studio, they’ve been up against it, fighting to get themselves noticed amongst the other horses in the race. Scott Little, head of audio, comments, ‘Being the under-dog, or under-horse, if that’s a thing, drives us even harder. You know there’s this notion flying around out there amongst some, that having audio ‘in-house’ is obscene - that somehow less talented individuals inhabit these dark spaces. But that’s totally not true. For us it only makes us stronger.”

Little continues to explain the benefits of casting a wider net “We’re in at the pitch, storyboard, pre-production, production, and finishing stages. For music composers and sound designers-and ultimately the end product-this is THE ideal position. It’s allowed us audio geeks to gain a great insight and respect for the entire process from start to finish.”

But of course, what’s a great craftsman without his tools?

With over 16 years’ experience across multiple audio houses, Jenny Standish is the perfect candidate to head up Big Kahuna’s exceptional production team, facilitating voice over casting & directing, Source Connect and TBU/Skype link-ups, as well as sourcing international studios.

Jenny comments, “My previous experience in audio post-production has allowed me to not only develop my knowledge, but to bring other areas of expertise, for example casting, into fruition. Joining Big Kahuna is the best decision of my career to date: to work with the audio department and the rest of the team here at Big Buoy has allowed me to explore new ideas and ways of working.”

Big Buoy MD, Colin Sumsion, adds, “Scott and his fantastic team have been overlooked for far too long. It’s time to release them into the world!”

Boasting three audio suites with voice over booths, all the SFX and plug-in bells and whistles, and, of course, a bar, Big Kahuna are located within Big Buoy’s central Soho post-production studio.